Preserving Our Family Farms and Fostering Sound and Sustainable Agricultural Practices

“Our region stands apart from others because of its abundant water resources, fertile farmland, and agricultural expertise. Central New York and the Finger Lakes are regions that feed New York and the nation. Our farms, dairies and wineries employ thousands of New Yorkers and are an essential pillar of our regional economy. Agritourism is also an essential driver of our local economy and hospitality industries.”

In Congress, Vanessa will:

  • Help Our Farmers and Wine Makers Transition to Sustainable Agricultural Methods – Our family farmers should not foot the bill as they transition to sustainable practices. The federal government should fund steps to abate harmful fertilizer and animal waste runoff.
  • Fund and Foster Programs at our Universities and Community Colleges to Aid in this Transition – We must make use of the incredible scientific expertise we have in Central New York to make our region the world center of research in sustainable agriculture.

Send Agricultural Subsidies to the People Who Need Them – In 2017, the top 10% of farms receive 78% of the  $7.2 million paid out in federal agricultural subsidies.  Many of them are factory farms that reject sustainable agricultural methods and humane animal husbandry practices. These subsidies will be directed to the small farmers who truly need and deserve them.