The Climate Emergency

“Within the next decade, carbon fuels will push the planet towards irreversible climate change. The burning of carbon also poisons our lungs and destroys our air, soil, and water. Authoritarian carbon-rich countries also use carbon energy reserves to threaten our allies. 

New technologies can eliminate dependence on every form of fossil fuel. Sun, wind, and water can power heating and cooling pumps, cars, trucks, trains and ships.  

I have been a leader in exposing how Wall Street profits from its investments in fossil fuel industries. In Congress, I will hold Wall Street accountable and pressure banks to defund the fossil fuel industry. I will fight for a Green New Deal that transitions our economy completely away from fossil fuels. This transition must take place in an equitable manner that focuses on those disadvantaged communities that have borne the brunt of fossil fuel pollution and climate change and will fight for training and other assistance for fossil fuel workers displaced by the shutdown of carbon energy industries. I will also finish what we started here in New York by banning fracking on federal lands.”

In Congress, Vanessa will:

  • Invest in Green Development, Manufacturing, and Workforce Development – Central New York was once a hub for manufacturing, but the shift to cheap offshore labor has left our region behind. Vanessa will fight for federal money to help revitalize our economy by bringing green manufacturing to this region.
  • End Tax Breaks, Subsidies and Profiteering by Fossil Fuel Companies – We cannot achieve a carbon zero economy when the fossil fuel industry receives $62 billion a year in federal tax breaks and subsidies. 
  • Hold Big Banks Accountable for Unsustainable Support for Fossil Fuel Companies – Wall Street banks are acting against all Americans’ interests by fueling the climate crisis with their unmatched support for fossil fuel companies. Their actions in pursuit of short-term profits are unsustainable and are creating a “climate bubble” that exceeds the “housing bubble” that triggered the subprime mortgage crisis and destabilized the global economy.  Congress cannot allow big banks to trigger another, preventable, economic crisis at the expense of all Americans and must hold the financial sector accountable for the climate and economic risks they incur with regulations that mandate reporting, transparency, and a responsible, managed phase out of all fossil fuel financing. Congressional actions forced Big Tobacco and Big Pharma to change marketing practices and pay restitution for their harmful products. They can do the same for Wall Street.
  • Center Climate in International Relations – Addressing climate change is an international relations priority. We can foster diplomacy through matching our global peers on climate goals and ensure that low income countries have adequate resources to adapt and mitigate the severe consequences of a changing climate to manage risk of global instability and mass migrations.
  • Ban Fracking on Federal Lands and Offshore Drilling – Vanessa will push the federal government to finish what NY started and put a stop to fracking on federal lands.  She will also introduce legislation to ban offshore oil drilling to prevent future climate emergencies. 
  • Preserve Water and Land Resources – The burning of fossil fuels, the questionable disposal of manufacturing waste products and fertilizer runoff threaten our precious waterways and lands. In Congress, Vanessa will ensure that companies follow sound environmental practices. She will fully fund restoration of watersheds to mitigate toxic algae blooms and will promote sustainable agricultural practices to prevent runoff from polluting our lakes and streams.
  • Halt Energy Intensive Proof-of-Work Cryptocurrency Mining – The energy required to mine cryptocurrency increases carbon emissions in our communities and increases families electricity bills at home. We need a federal moratorium on proof-of-work cryptocurrency mining to assess its impact on the environment and the energy grid.