A Vibrant Economy that is Good for Working Families and for the Climate

“Embracing green technology has multiple benefits. A transition to renewable energy and the electrification of cars, rail and buildings brings tremendous economic opportunities. New infrastructure and technology demand skilled workers. Central New York has the infrastructure and skilled workforce to create a successful diversified economy that includes manufacturing, education, healthcare, as well as agriculture”

  • Invest in Green Development and Manufacturing – Vanessa will fight for federal money allocated as part of the recently-passed Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and future legislation to help revitalize our economy by bringing green manufacturing and workforce development opportunities to this region.
  • Finance and Create Partnerships Between our Community Colleges and Local Businesses – Community colleges and BOCES are invaluable resources that can provide expanded training and professional preparation for a new generation of Central New Yorkers. These institutions should be tuition-free, affordable, and available to all.
  • Make Family Care a Priority – The cost of child care is insurmountable for many families. Vanessa will advocate for federal parental leave and the Child Care for Working Families Act.
  • Bolster Social Security – Social Security is the safety net for all older Americans.  Vanessa will fight against any cuts or privatization of Social Security. We can make it work better by providing increases based upon actual costs of living for the elderly. 
  • Fight for a Living Wage – Economies thrive when their workforce is adequately compensated. Vanessa will support the Raise the Wage Act which would double the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025 and moving forward, index it to wage growth. 
  • Prioritize Common Sense Tax Reform – Vanessa will support common sense progressive tax reforms that ensure that this country’s wealthiest individuals pay their fair share to cover expanded investments in necessary climate, health, and social justice policies. She will also support legislation to close corporate loopholes like the No Tax Breaks for Outsourcing Act. It’s also time for a universal free tax filing option for all Americans and an end to lobbying by private tax filing companies that benefit at the expense of taxpayers. 

Defend Workers Rights – Labor unions built the American middle class. Vanessa fight to pass the PRO Act to expand employee’s right to organize their workplace.