“Excellent and free public education, from Pre-K through college or vocational school, is the bedrock of our economy and lets our children fulfill their dreams. I am proud to have graduated from excellent public elementary, middle and high school, but not all public school students are as fortunate. Across this district and this nation, students do not receive equal access to education in our public school system. A child’s address should never determine the quality of their education. Further, we must refocus on the technical education that many of our high school graduates need to succeed beyond graduation.”

 In Congress, Vanessa will:

  • Support Universal Pre-K and 3-K – Working and middle class parents struggle to secure affordable and adequate child care. In Congress Vanessa will vote to support universal Pre-K for three and four-year-old children as well as press for full funding at our community colleges to train childcare providers and ensure they  receive a living wage.
  • Reduce or Cancel Student Debt – The federal government has the authority to cancel student debt. In Congress. Vanessa will work hard to make cancellation a reality. Until that happens, she will fight for refinancing of student loans to relieve ruinous interest rates.

Work for Tuition Free Higher Education – All students should be able to receive higher education without debt. In Congress Vanessa will advocate for a College for All Act which would fully fund undergraduate tuition at community colleges and for most students enrolled in public colleges and universities.