Access To Healthcare is a Human Right

“Healthcare is a human right. No one should fear losing access to care because they lose a job, age out of their parents’ insurance, or cannot afford premiums. 

Our seniors on Medicare pay dearly for expensive supplementary insurance and prescription drugs. Many seniors and their families struggle with securing good long-term elder care services. As the population of senior citizens increases, they will require even more robust support. 

Growing numbers of opiate and other drug addicts and those dependent upon alcohol need convenient and accessible detoxification and treatment services. And all our children, wherever they live, need access to good medical care.”

In Congress Vanessa will:

  • Champion Medicare for All – Healthcare is a human right; no American should go bankrupt because of medical bills. Vanessa will work in Congress to pass the Medicare for All Act which would ensure every American has quality healthcare. This legislation would also drastically reduce the price of prescriptions by allowing Medicare to negotiate costs. 
  • Support Elder Care – Our population is aging. Our elders and care workers need support and resources to secure assistance to age in place, secure safe and affordable assisted living arrangements and age with dignity. Medicare should address this need. We must fund programs to train elder care workers and pay those essential workers a living wage.
  • Combat the Opioid Crisis – Drug companies must be held accountable for the harm they have done to millions of Americans. Those suffering from addiction deserve proper treatment for their condition and have access to detoxification and treatment centers.

Expand Access to Health Services in Our Schools – School nurses often are the front lines of children’s health care. School medical services must be fully-funded in both urban and rural districts. Our children also need immediate access to psychiatric and other counseling services. A fully-funded and staffed Telemedicine system could deliver psychiatric services to areas with limited access.