Preserving Our American Democracy

“America is a democracy, committed to making an ever-more-perfect union. Recently, both here and abroad, undemocratic and authoritarian forces have threatened our way of life through violence, intimidation and voter suppression.”

In Congress Vanessa will:

  • Support the For the People Act One person-one vote is the cornerstone of our Democracy; that’s why we need to increase access to the ballot and get dark money out of our elections.
  • Help Pass the John Lewis Voting Act – Every American deserves equal and equitable access to the ballot, regardless of the state in which they reside.
  • Pass Ethics Reform Representatives in Congress work for the people. No Member of Congress or Senator should trade in stocks or be profiting from the lobbying industry. 

Fight for Fair Representation for All Americans – Voting is an American right; statehood should be granted to DC. Also Puerto Rico and U.S. territories deserve the right to self-determination.