Public Safety and Criminal Justice Reform

“The first job of government is to provide safety and protection for its citizens. Every American deserves humane and effective policing. Every American also deserves a just and equitable criminal justice system that works for everyone.”

In Congress Vanessa will:

  • Support the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act Police Reform – Everyone in the community and country is owed humane and effective policing. If enacted this law will address a wide range of policies and issues regarding policing practices and increase law enforcement accountability.
  • Expand the Provisions of the FIRST STEP Act – In 2018, Congress passed bipartisan sweeping prison reform legislation. However, much remains to be done. We must expand its provisions to fully-fund rehabilitation programs and to reduce the harsh mandatory sentences that remain on the books.

Work for Gun Safety – The Second Amendment is part of our Constitution. Senseless firearm deaths are not. Vanessa will fight for programs to reduce gun suicides, especially among veterans. Stopping the illegal transporting of guns for sale to states like New York should be pursued at the highest levels. Vanessa also will work for full funding of research into the connection between public health and firearms.